Moroccan Eid


Aid Adha
Is the only day in the whole year all over the world that carrying a knife is allowed, and killing a huge number of animals is tolerated,
it is also the only day when seeing blood become familiar and not scary.
it’s a happy day for kids, expensive for fathers, and tiring for mothers,
and diffuclt for poor. however people slaugther the poor sheep, enjoy every part of it,
even its private parts they are cooked with onion and certain spices, actually that a part of being moroccan,
as a poor moroccan you learn the next “Don’t throw anything, exploit everything”, so we use every thing from the head till legs, even the uneatable things we exploit
like the sheepskin we use to make little drums “Ta3rija”, sheep fabric to make covers.

Hamza Hatim

Hamza Weld abdellah Elhella9
23, Graphiste casablanca